Workshop with students from Faculty of Education


In October a group of students from Faculty of Education (University of Ljubljana) visited the Slovenian Forestry Institute. We presented some activities from our Handbook for Learning and Play in the Forest. We went to the forest and played there! Meanwhile, we learned some interesting facts about nature, trees and ecosystems. We hope that this experience will be useful and inspiring for the soon-to-be teachers.

Students of Education (3)

Can you figure out which animal we are trying to present? –>  Peacock.


Students of Education (4)

And we form the spider’s web.


Students of Education (5)

We are listening….



Students of Education (2)

The strings show us how the animals, plants and fungi are all connected.


Students of Education (8)

We were creative with leaves, branches, twigs and cones.


Students of Education (11)

We had some fun in the forest!




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