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Life+ projects:

  • ManFor C.BD. – Managing forests for multiple purposes: carbon, biodiversity and socio-economic wellbeing LIFE09 ENV/IT/000078; 01-OCT-2010 to 30-SEP -2015
  • BGNATURAGENEFUND – Conservation of the Genetic Fund and Restoration of Priority Forest Habitats in Natura 2000 Sites; LIFE10 NAT/BG/000146; Duration 01-SEP-2011 to 30-JUN -2015
  • LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554 AdaptFor – Adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece (duration 01-JAN-2010 to 31-DEC –2014
  • RELIFORMED – Resilience to Climate change in Mediterranean forests LIFE11 ENV/IT/000215; 01-JUN-2012 to 30-JUN –2016
  • Steigerwaldrand Iphofen – Woodlands and river valleys on the Steigerwald slopes near Iphofen; LIFE09 NAT/DE/000005 ; Duration 01-OCT-2010 to 31-DEC -2014
  • PINUS – Restoration of Pinus nigra forests on Mount parnonas (GR2520006) through a structured approach; LIFE07 NAT/GR/000286; 01-JAN-2009 to 30-JUN –2013
  • FOROPENFORESTS – Conservation of priority forests and forest openings in “Ethnikos Drymos Oitis” and “Oros Kallidromo” of Sterea Ellada; LIFE11 NAT/GR/001014; 01-SEP-2012 to 30-NOV –2017
  • FAGUS – FAGUS – Forests of the Apennines: Good practices to conjugate Use and Sustainability; LIFE11 NAT/IT/000135; 01-SEP-2012 to 29-FEB –2016