The actions of the LIFEGENMON project are shown in the interactive form below:

Preparatory Actions (A)
Implementation Actions (B)
Monitoring of technical effectiveness of the project actions (C)
Communication and Dissemination Actions (D)
Project Management and Monitoring of the Project Progress (E)

The project team will be formed of 6 project partners from 3 countries: Germany, Greece and Slovenia.

The coordinating partner is Slovenian Forestry Institute, leading the actions Policy guidelines (B3), Dissemination (D) and Project management (E), and participating in all other actions, except Monitoring (C).

The second partner from Slovenia, Slovenia Forest Service, will participate with two forest experts contributing to all actions, except Monitoring (C), predominantly in providing forest inventories data, site determination and measurements, help in dissemination, contributions to policy guidelines and help in dissemination activities.

The third partner from Slovenia is Center nevladnih organizacij osrednje Slovenije, who will lead and be the sole participant in action Monitoring (C), and participate as an adviser in Dissemination (D).

Two associated beneficiaries are from Greece. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will be leading Preparatory actions (A) and Defining of Optimal Criteria and Indicators (B1), and actively participate in all other actions except C. General directorate of Forests and Agricultural Affairs – Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace will participate in all actions except C, and shall provide help especially in implementation actions on policy guidelines and in both dissemination actions.

Bavarian Office for Forest Seeding and Planting from Bavaria, Germany, will be leading the implementation action Preparation of guidelines and management strategies (B2) and actively participate in all other actions except C.

Learn more about LIFEGENMON Partners and people here.