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On Tuesday, November 17th of 2015 the team from Department of Forestry and Natural Environment from AUTH University visited the forest genetic monitoring (FGM) plot for Abies borisii-regis in Kallipefki (Greece) with two professional tree climbers in order to collect cones, seeds for DNA analysis and seed testing. The first step was successfully completed with selection of 20 fir seed trees with good crop within the central (intensive) section.

Afterwards the two professional tree climbers wearing the appropriate equipment managed to climb onto the tree crown and collect 20 seed-filled cones from 20 selected seed trees directly from the branch. Finally the third step was accomplished when the cones were placed in an oven with good ventilation system, carpels fell apart and seeds from each cone were collected and placed in separate seed bags.

The next steps include the DNA analysis (20 seeds per tree will be examined) and a specified common protocol for all three partners of the LIFEGENMON program for seed testing will be performed.


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