The Decentralized Administration of Macedonia & Thrace in cooperation with the Regional Union of Municipalities of Macedonia Region organised a Regional Conference that took place on  27th of March at 10.00 pm at the Grand Hotel Palace Conference Centre of Thessaloniki Greece. pedkm

The topic of the Regional Conference was ” Regional Government – Forests – Environment- Spatial planning (Forest Mapping)”.

Emphasis was given to the importance of forest and their conservation and the need to establish a fruitful cooperation between the two organisations, the Forestry Departments of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia & Thrace and the Regional Municipalities.Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Socratis Famellos awarded the PEDCM and the MRDPW awards for the implementation of the Workshop, stressed the importance of drawing up forest maps and the need for direct cooperation of the Municipalities to provide the data necessary for the timely proper training of the Maps of recent legislation that solves several practical issues of the process, announced a series of new regulations that are expected to further normalize this process and I announced that 9 of the 10 proposals written by PEDCM have already been incorporated into these arrangements.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr Socratis Famellos, welcomed with great enthusiasm the efforts of the two organisations and stressed that such cooperation is necessary for the preservation and protection of the environment.

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