LIFEGENMON Workshop in Drama, East Macedonia, Greece

On Friday 15th April 2016, the LIFEGENMON dissemination team visited the primary school of Kalos Agros in Drama, East Macedonia, Greece. There a workshop for 70 children of the school took place. The aim was to make the project more effective by having the children answer as a team on subjects such as “what is a forest” ,”what is biodiversity”  and “why do forests need to be protected – what or who threatens the forest ecosystems”.

The children were separated into four teams of mixed ages. Each team was given a subject and worksheets that had to be filled in and then presented to the rest of the school. By having the children working in such a way the children worked cooperatively and respected each other’s knowledge despite the age variation. Everyone took part and had a role to play. The children were engaged in active learning and understanding as they helped each other and combined their knowledge in order to complete and present their task.

The workshop ended in the most positive way and we all gained knowledge and know how.

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