Working on Fire employees were interested in Slovenian forestry and how we approach forest fires in Slovenia

Thursday, 17th September 2015 – The LIFEGENMON project team (Tjaša Baloh, project manager and Boris Rantaša, project dissemination manager) visited the Working on Fire regional HQ in Capetown. There, we met with regional managers and other staff and made a presentation about several topics. We have discussed Slovenian forests and forestry, our wildlife and game management our conservation systems and strategies to begin with.

A lot of time was spent talking about forest fires and comparing Slovenian and South African fire prevention systems. Slovenian Forestry Institute’s projects EUFORINNO and LIFEGENMON were presented. The participants were especially interested in forest genetic monitoring as a mechanism for lowering the risks of climate change induced catastrophes.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very positive. We have explored and opened new avenues of communication, which could result in future cooperation between different Slovenian and South African companies and institutions working in forestry. Both parties have learned a lot from the meeting and gained new perspectives on forest and forest fire management. The LIFEGENMON team hopes that we get to cooperate or at least meet again in the future. Some photos from the meeting are available below.

Working on Fire visit in Capetown

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