The final conference of the LIFEGENMON project “Forest Science for Future Forests: Forest genetic monitoring and biodiversity in changing environments” took place from 21 to 25 September 2020 in the Janez Hribar Hall at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana and online over zoom. In five days, over 100 participants listened to 82 professional speakers, 3 virtual excursions and a final round table where the future of forests was discussed by representatives of Slovenian and European institutions in the field of forestry, woodworking, education, and forest owners.

The LIFEGENMON project was a 6-year project of the European’s funding instrument LIFE programme, which ended in December 2020. The main goal of the project, which was taking place in Slovenia, Germany and Greece under the leadership of the Forestry Institute of Slovenia, was development of a system for genetic monitoring of forests.

The conference was divided into five  sessions. The first session was on the topic of Genetic Diversity and Climate Change where Keynote speakers presented their lectures. More on this in the 1st day report.

The second session that continued the 2nd day was focused on Forest Genetic Monitoring. Part of the 2nd day was reserved for the third session titled Forest Resilience, conservation, and Management of Forest Genetic Resources. More on this in the 2nd day report.

The 3rd Day was dedicated to the Virtual excursion, which took us to the Virgin Forest Reserves Rajhenavski Rog, Krakovo forest, and the Forest Genetic Monitoring plot Pri Studencu. The excursion is still available on this link.

The 4th day continued the third session, included the fourth session on the subject of Forest Dynamics, Interactions and Biodiversity at Different Scales and the fifth session on The Science – Policy Interface. More on these in the 4th day report.

The 5th and Final day of the conference was dedicated to final presentations, the round table and press conference. More on this in the 5th day report.

Every presentation is still available on this link and every presented poster is available on this link.

  Project LIFEGENMON ended with the end of December of 2020.


The book of abstracts (in slovene) from the conference is available here.



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