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#Forests2015 Social Media Bootcamp

The first 3 days of my visit to South Africa are occupied by intense preparations within #Forests2015 Social Media Bootcamp. Forest and climate communications experts from several continents, but mostly from Africa, have gathered here to be educated and briefed on how to report from the XIV World Forestry Congress in the social media to ensure wide dissemination of the conference topics and outtakes that is as wide as possible (simpler: how to spread our message as wide/efficiently as possible).

At the bootcamp, we are learning how to efficiently use social media to spread the word about big events, such as the XIV World Forestry Congress. The workshop is lead by Peter Casier (who is actually a person with a very impressive resume), who will also be coordinating all of the live reporting during the event. In the workshop we are getting a good overview of social media tools, different social media strategies and building a strong reporting team.

By the way, I wrote a blog about the importance of communications in forestry for #forests2015 blog competition a while ago. It’s supposed pretty good blog post if you’re interested in this topic.

Boris Rantaša, Project Dissemination Manager

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