3rd LIFEGENMON Advisory Board Meeting in Slovenia

On September 6th and 7th 2016, the LIFEGENMON 3rd Advisory board meeting was organized in Ljubljana at Večna pot 2, the headquarters of the Slovenian Forestry Institute and Slovenia Forest Service. The Advisory board meeting is an annual meeting of the LIFEGENMON project team, external advisory board members and other parties that are interested in the project’s progress. Its contents were finalized at the Technical board meeting on September 5.

The meeting featured presentations of various aspects of the LIFEGENMON project. The progress, achieved since the Inception report in each project action, was presented by respective action leaders and national responsible persons. The NEEMO (external) monitor, Mr. Nikolaj Pečenko, presented his comments about the project and rules that have to be followed.

Representatives of all project partners and actions, LIFEGENMON National contact points, representatives of EUFORGEN, IUFRO, Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Slovenian Ministry for agriculture, forestry and food, the H2020 GenTree and the LIFE project ARTEMIS were present at the meeting. The external advisory members present were: Sándor Bordács, Ricardo Aliá (both EUFORGEN), Heino Konrad (AUT), Dalibor Ballian (BiH), Srđan Stojnić (SRB), Vlatko Andanovski (FYROM). The invited experts Michele Bozzano (EUFORGEN), Bruno Fady (GenTree), Maarten de Groot (ARTEMIS) and Lidija Zadnik Stirn (IUFRO 2017) provided valuable input and collaboration possibilities.

LIFEGENMON 3rd Advisory Board Meeting

The LIFEGENMON Progress report, which is due at the end of September, and the modifications from the Refined action plan, were presented to the Advisory board members for discussion and acceptance. At the end of the meeting, a list of decisions was prepared, summing up the results of many discussions that took place.

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