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    Time: 9:00

    Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

    Joint GenTree/LIFEGENNMON

    Stakeholders’ event on genetic monitoring

    Porto Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki (Greece) 24-25 October 2017


    Part of the research carried out within the GenTree project, and implemented within the LIFEGENMON project, is addressing the challenging task of forest genetic monitoring for a large number of tree species across Europe. The LIFEGENMON project, aims at producing a science-policy communication plan for the long-term support to conservation of forest genetic resources and forest genetic monitoring. Within the GenTree project, the type of indicators selected for genetic monitoring, and how they will be implemented in everyday forest management, will impact forest adaptation models and forest dynamics scenarios.


    Main objectives of the meeting

    From the GenTree perspective:

    * Understand how genetic monitoring is implemented, what are the difficulties encountered on the ground.
    * Understand how genetic monitoring can be incorporated into modelling.

    From the LIFEGENMON perspective:

    * Discuss problems encountered in the use of the identified indicators.
    * Define a minimum set of indicators that would be valid in the long-run and would define the baseline for long-term monitoring, considering also scientific advances.
    * Discuss how to raise awareness about the long-term nature of funding needed to carry out genetic monitoring.



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    More info: http://www.gentree-h2020.eu/